Following fast on the heels of the Evic Primo Mini is another new release from Joyetech, the Evic Primo SE, is basically a condensed version of the Mini with all the same features. Featuring a redesign of the of the previous included tank with the new ProCore SE which features a full glass topcap, its great to see a company that continues to push the envelope in design, functionality, and variety. But the question remains, does the Primo SE live up to everything that was great about the Mini? Or does it fall flat? Let’s find out in the review:


Product Pros

  • Beautiful glass topcap
  • Small footprint that fits a 25mm atomizer

Product Cons

  • Inconvenient to refill
  • Coil change requires tools


Joyetech EVic Primo SE Review: Breakdown

Joyetech EVic Primo SE Color Selection

Build Quality

Anyone familiar with the Evic Primo Mini will be hard pressed to spot any differences with the Primo SE upon first glance. Joyetech basically took the entire design of the Mini and shrunk it down to scale, even condensing the display to fit the tiny frame. Measuring out to a height of 80mm, a width of 25mm which tapers down 21mm, and a length of 38mm, the Primo SE practically vanishes when held in hand. Assembly is also up to par as tolerances on the device are very tight with no audible rattle when shaking the device.

The Primo SE features the same tapered design which improves ergonomics from similarly styled mods that go for a more boxy aesthetic. The carbon fiber inlay provides a nice grippy texture while nicely complementing the variety of colors the device comes in.

The included ProCore SE tank is constructed using a full glass top cap which is beautiful to look at and goes well with the design of the Primo SE. It screws on flush onto the spring loaded 510 pin on top without leaving any gaps which other mods with low quality 510 pins are notorious for. No connection problems exist when using the Primo SE with the included tank or any other atomizers and coil resistance is properly detected without any jumps in the readings.

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Vapor Quality

The included ProC1 coil heads do their job well providing satisfying flavor and vapor production especially when coupled with the included tank which features a wide variety of airflow adjustments for vapers to fine tune that draw just to the level they want it.

A minor issue with going with the all glass top cap is the tanks inability to have a top fill option meaning that to refill the tank with juice, the top cap needs to removed and filled up from the bottom then screwing it back on the mod while holding everything upside down which can be inconvenient depending on the setting you’re using it in.

The ProCore SE tank is advertised to carry up to 2mls of juice although I find that it actually can carry up to 4mls of juice which a nice surprise. Looks like Joyetech under promised and over delivered in this regard which is rare when it comes to mods and tanks nowadays.

Another inconvenience with the tank is that it’s coil heads arent meant to be screwed on and off by hand, but require the tool that’s included with the kit to replace the coils easily. This can be cumbersome for those who take their devices on long days out and find the need to replace coils on the go as it means that you’ll have to take the tool along, not to mention the potential of losing the included tool.


Despite its tiny size, the Primo SE can accommodate atomizers up to 25mm in diameter without any overhang, meaning it’s a good fit for the majority of tanks and RDAs in the market right now if ever you choose to replace the ProCore SE with something else. It would have been nice to see a RBA coil head included in the kit though as to give users the option of building their own coils if they should ever choose to do so.

For those who prefer temperature control over the standard wattage mode, the Primo SE also delivers with support for stainless steel, nickel, and titanium coils. Another great feature is the ability to set the TCR curve for any specific coil that’s installed in the atomizer with a number of presets which can be saved into the devices memory allowing the Primo SE to memorize your preferred settings for a specific coil.

The Primo SE also delivers a maximum power output of up to 80 watts which is slowly becoming a standard for single 18650 battery devices which is more than enough for most builds, although it should be pointed that vaping a single battery at 80 watts will quickly deplete the battery life and a high quality, high amp battery is required to power this device to it’s full potential.



The Primo SE vanishes in the palm of your hand and fits in any pocket making taking it anywhere an absolute breeze.

It also has an onboard micro USB charging port which lets you charge the single 18650 at a maximum rate of 2amps which is convenient for those times an external charger isn’t available.

It trumps most devices of this form factor in terms of design, functionality, and compatibility with larger sized atomizers. The battery is also easily replaced with a spare with ease.

Joyetech EVic Primo SE In Hand


The Primo SE is an excellent successor to the Primo Mini. This beautiful small form factor mod packs a punch and looks great doing it as well. The ProCore SE is a great match for the aesthetics of the mod and performs exceptionally well despite the single battery powering it.

Anyone looking for a tiny device that delivers great flavor and clouds that also has a full featured chip that supports temperature control will definitely not regret going with this device and as a proud long time user of the original Joyetech Evic Mini myself, its great to see Joyetech continuously providing new designs and tech for the vaping masses.

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